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Your chid can study at his/her own pace without any time constraints thanks to access to our website's content for an entire year. Our subscription is appropriate for both complete novices and those who only wish to review the fundamentals. Don't waste this wonderful chance to learn new things and develop your skills.
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What's included


Email up to 50GB space

Parents can provide their kids a professional email address and lots of storage for academic and personal communication. This reliable email service lets children email teachers and friends without worrying about storage.

Material you will love

Interactive video engagements, dynamic note capture, enhanced ebooks, meticulous progress monitoring, verified certifications, and SCORM integration deliver a comprehensive, trustworthy e-learning solution.

Expert instructors

Crafting engaging experiences and supportive environments, instructors adeptly communicate topics intuitively and personally. Dedicated to success, they promptly return inquiries and provide helpful, responsive support.

Elevate your studies

Discover customized learning and unlock potential through tailored curricula. Build skills and opportunities through engaging, immersive resources available anytime, anywhere. Learn at your own pace using self-paced, engaging experiences.
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Essential Plan

A great place for new users to start is with a subscription to the content on our website. You can look through our huge archive for a full year. You can move through the course content at your own pace thanks to our user-friendly system, which is made to suit users with different levels of experience. Take advantage of the flexibility offered by online learning to broaden your horizons and develop new skills.
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