About us

All dreams, it started small, then getting bigger….

The foundation of SmartPeek STEAM Academy was built on the vision of its CEO & founder, to share his knowledge and experience with the next generation and prepare them for the challenges of the future. The dream of providing quality STEAM education to young minds became a reality with the creation of SmartPeek Academy.
our vision

Building a brighter future

We believes in a world where all children can become 21st-Century problem solvers with smart hearts and smart minds. We believes that educated citizens of the 21st century must have a solid background in science, technology, engineering and math. With knowledge in these areas, students will be able to keep up with the rapid growth of the technological innovations happening daily. Educated citizens of the 21st century must have a love of learning that will enable them to be self-motivated lifelong learners who can adapt easily and quickly to changes. By providing children with innovative engineering design challenges, children learn naturally to question and solve problems. We believe that students not only need to be good problem solvers, they must also have the ability to clarify and condense their thoughts.
our mission

Unlocking the potential of tomorrow's leaders

Develop curious and academically skilled young people who aspire to be principled and compassionate 21st-Century problem solvers with smart hearts and smart minds. Through a rigorous personalized learning program, with a focus in science, technology, engineering and math. SmartPeek Academy offers its students the experiences, skills, and values that will prepare them for citizenship and global competition in the 21st century. Our programs strive to create students who are self-motivated, competent, lifelong learners.


21st-Century Problem Solvers

Critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, creatives, problem-solvers, and resourceful people. They can use several techniques to solve problems, work well in teams, take chances, embrace others' ideas, persevere, reflect on their processes, and have a sense of equality, equity, and justice. They can stay up with technology advances since they're creative and adaptable.


Students with Smart Hearts

We believe in educating students with "Smart Hearts" who demonstrate kindness, reflect on their emotions and actions, respect others, build trust, accept differences, love the learning journey, create safe spaces for growth, seek solutions that benefit all, serve others, practice empathy and act selflessly. These values are at the core of our educational philosophy, and we strive to instill them in all of our students.


Students with Smart Minds

We believe in educating students with "Smart Minds" who possess a sense of wonder, apply learning to real-life situations, ask questions, persist in reaching goals, are open to new ideas, adapt to changing situations, strive for continuous improvement, give their best effort, encourage others to do the same, consult multiple sources, question their own thinking and consider other perspectives. These skills are critical for success in the 21st century, and we strive to develop them in all of our students.
Our Values
While our vision describes “why” we do what we do, our core values describe “how” we will go about doing it. We are guided by the following commitments:

Commitment to Excellence

We believe that excellence is only attainable when we set high standards for ourselves and others. We will excel not only by this, but also by proactively communicating with families, by constantly reflecting through asking ourselves "is this our best?", and by keeping our word.

Deep Ownership

We believe that ownership is not something that comes from the top, but is built, shared, and experienced collectively will all our stakeholders - students, families, teachers, and the community. We are all responsible together. We will do this by building relationships based on trust, identity, and belonging.

Growth Mindset

We believe that we never stop learning and that obstacles do not permanently define us. We commit to proactively seeking excellence and learning from it. We commit to learning both about andfrom our students and families. We commit to reflecting on what we do and always looking for ways to improve outcomes for students.

Selfless Teamwork

We believe that as amazing as each of the individuals who works at this school is, we are far better together than we are alone. We will offer constant collaboration and support to each other. We will be listeners. We'll ask for help when we need it. And we'll do all this in collaboration with our strong community and family partnerships.

Prepared, Committed, Supportive

We believe that it takes preparation to be successful. We commit to doing the necessary preparation, to being open and bringing our best intentions, to take risks and to take care of ourselves so that we are fully present each and every day for our students.

We Have Fun

We believe in making education an enjoyable and engaging experience. Our hands-on activities and interactive lessons not only stimulate students' minds but also make learning fun. We prioritize academic excellence while also recognizing the importance of incorporating fun into the curriculum to keep students motivated and successful in their education.
Our partnerships
To fulfil our mission of providing first-rate education, we partner with innovative institutions that provide cutting-edge programmes for personal and professional growth.
Our team

Meet our team

Our highly educated instructors at SmartPeek Academy are devoted to giving students the greatest learning experience. Our crew is well-versed in STEM, robotics, and AI. They love teaching and helping students learn 21st-century skills. Our staff members also strive to provide a secure and welcoming learning environment for pupils. Our team members collaborate to develop creative solutions to problems.

Waleed Abdou
CEO & Founder 

Ranya Amin
Business Development

Logen Hisham
Campaigns Director


Our students love us

“I've been a student at SmartPeek Academy for some time now, and I've got to say that both the classes and the contests that they provide are top-notch. I've taken part in quite a few of them, and each time I do, I'm blown away by how well organised and difficult they are. I am honoured to be a student at this institution since I know I am receiving an excellent education here.”

Youssef Salem

“Being able to attend SmartPeek Academy is truly a blessing for me. Both the level of educational excellence and the level of commitment shown by the faculty members are exceptional. They are genuinely concerned about our expansion and development as individuals, in addition to our achievements as a group.”

Hassan Gad

“SmartPeek Academy has provided me with an irreplaceable experience interacting with various aspects of STEAM teachings. Their inventive, engaging programmes and dedicated, patient instructors have helped me succeed academically and understand academic concepts on a more deeper level through hands on experiences. I have discovered as well as explored my passion for programming through a multitude of applications that I thought were not possible yet SmartPeek Academy provided me with those resources that allowed me to grow and apply myself immensely. I would proudly say that I would not be where I am today without that chapter in my life.”


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