Competitive Success

Elevating Excellence

Show off your talents and skills through competitions, learn how to be efficient, work in teamwork, think quickly and have Fun.
Competitions Overview
Numerous robotics tournaments demonstrating students' programming and constructing talents. Students can test their knowledge and creativity, cooperate with peers, and compete with other schools and groups. Tournaments with professional judges and a sympathetic audience help students build confidence and reputation, making them vital for their future.
Challenge. | Innovate. | Collaborate. | Succeed. | Celebrate.

Innovative Collaborative Success

Benefits Gained

Chance to show off classroom talents in public. Develop efficiency, quick thinking, and teamwork. Being in a competitive tech atmosphere with other young roboticists is enjoyable.

Learn new skills

Our team members collaborate to program intricate robots to execute tasks with precision, honing their skills in quick thinking, efficiency, and smooth communication.
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Healthy Competitions

Our talented engineers develop and build robots under strict time limits and in front of a judging panel and audience in these events.

Unleashing Potential

We encourage our pupils to compete. Our robotics contests challenge students to collaborate and think fast to construct and programme sophisticated robots. Our participants get confidence from industry pros, fans, and family.
Celebrating Excellence

Top Robotics Competitions Achievement

Unleashing creativity and innovation with Smartpeek Robotics.

Bringing the future to life with our competition-winning robots.

Empowering students to be the change they want to see in the world.

Transforming ideas into reality with the latest robotics technology.

Shaping the Future of Robotics Education

Our Students in Action

Innovative Minds Competing for Success


Our little smarties thrive in competitions 

“SmartPeek Academy has been a game changer for me. I never imagined I'd be interested in robotics, but their contests piqued my attention and fueled my love. I'm quite interested to see where this leads me in the future.”
Youssef Fekry
“I've never felt more challenged and supported than I have at SmartPeek Academy. Their competitions have pushed me to think outside the box and work with others to create something truly amazing.”
Nour Islam
“With SmartPeek Academy robotics competitions were wonderful. I've challenged myself, thought creatively, collaborated, and won in a competitive environment. My success and acknowledgment are priceless.”
Ahmed Baher